How 999eye will work

999eye live stream pic 1 cropped-999eye-final1.jpg

999eye is a web based software solution developed by West Midlands Fire Service UK.

Internationally, emergency services are still mobilising based on voice call or SMS only systems, often with limited information.

Smartphones, 3G/4G networks and Social Media have changed how we communicate and gather information live.

many smartphones apps have been developed and are being developed around the world and offer great potential benefits to emergency service callers, call handlers and responders – often heading into the unknown. but the national call handling infrastrcture need to have standards set and the cpability to handle the Data.

999eye wil work without major changes.

To see how the system will work in practice see the link below and view the Prezi.

Click here – Prezi showing how 999eye will work in practice

For more information Contact West Midlands Fire Service;


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