2015 – the year of the Eye

999eye final

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015

2014 saw West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) presenting this project at a range of  emergency service events helping us to secure support and form a collaboration of services to work together in 2015 to utilise technology to enhance the services we deliver to the communities we serve.

We ended on a high note with a collaboration event in December where we welcomed over 100 guests representing emergency services from up and down the UK. The day allowed for vibrant discussion and outlined the benefits, risks, challenges and opportunities this project offers.

collaboration event collaboration event 2

The presentation material is all available on the link below –

Prezi, 999eye presentation

In order to make the West Midlands Safer, at West Midlands Fire Service we believe we have a responsibility to deliver services across;

  • Prevention – Stopping you getting Hurt
  • Protection – teaching, talking listening
  • Response – Getting the right people to the right place at the right time

We are judged by what we say and what we do, so before we change anything  in order to improve or stand firm by our principles we use evidence to back up our decision.

Evidence tells us that if we spend valuable time identifying and supporting our vulnerable and working with partners to reduce risk we make West Midlands safer.

Evidence tells us that if we spend valuable time, Listening, advising and teaching alongside our partners we reduce the risks and make West Midlands safer.

Evidence tells us that if you are trapped in a vehicle, collapsed structure, chemical spill, building on fire if we don’t get a response to you in 5 minutes your survival rate plummets and your recovery care costs beyond this increase.

999 eye is one internally driven innovation project that we hope will have a positive impact and support us and our partners in our goal to make the West Midlands safer.

In February 2015 we will announce the finalised group of collaboration services in addition to West Midlands Fire Service, West Midlands Police and West Midlands Ambulance service that will work together to pilot 999 eye in the UK in 2015.

We have an exciting year ahead and look forward to more engagement with you all.

If you are from the West Midlands and want to see more of what we do follow us on twitter @westmidsfire, Facebook page and on the web at WMFS.net


2 thoughts on “2015 – the year of the Eye”

  1. Hi i think this project is great. I’m in Scotland & I’ve been thinking about the same thing for a while but I didn’t know what to do about it. I came across your page looking to see if cameras were being used in emergency calls yet (hoping they were because I really want it to happen). I never really thought about it for the fire brigade, I was thinking more CPR and along medical lines. It will work well for all the services. Thanks for your hard work. I’m looking forward to when it’s all up & running.

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