Looking to the future

999eye final

This week we were joined by Charlotte Cross from ITV see the link below.

 ITV NEWS Coverage of 999eye – youtube

Charlotte had researched 999eye prior to attending and was keen to cover the story in a news piece.

During her visit we discussed at length the project and the application of technology, the benefits and also the concerns some members of the community may have around the use of data.

West Midlands Fire Service are committed to providing the best possible service in Prevention Protection and Response and everything we do has this mentality as a measure. We belive that 999eye represents just one example of a wide range of innovative and forward thinking service solutions and enhancements we are working on.

999eye will not replace the verbal call but from a service perspective may, on occasions improve the service we currently deliver across prevention, protection and response. 999eye will offer our communities another way to communicate effectively with us.

Feedback following the news piece has seen the story shared across facebook from ITV centrals facebook page, discussion is being generated and helping us to ensure we are on the right track.

Charlotte and the team at ITV did a nice job of covering the story.


As we look to the future we are preparing to invite representatives from the other services to join us at an even at WMFS HQ in December 2014.

This will be an opportunity for each service to see and understand the system and commit to joining us in a pilot of 999eye in 2015.


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