999eye goes International

aeroplaneSitting here in Dusseldorf airport awaiting a flight back to the UK I thought it would be an ideal time to update you on what’s been happening with 999eye over the past week.

On Tuesday this week we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to present 999eye to the UK Fire Minister Penny Mordaunt. Penny was in Birmingham for the Conservative Party Conference and took time out of her busy schedule to listen to our ideas and explain the benefits this could bring to Control Rooms across the Country.

Shortly after leaving the meeting with the Fire Minister WMFS representatives with 999eye were heading across the City to Birmingham Airport to head out to the CCR Summit taking place in the Netherlands. we were invited to speak at the event following our very first blog about 999eye. The Summit was focused on public safety and homeland security and therefore 999eye was suitably placed at this event.

Prior to WMFS presentation, Matt Andrews a Sergeant from London Metropolitan Police talked about lessons learned from the 2011 London riots. Interestingly one of the lessons learned was the use of images, videos, data from social media as intelligence to support resource management. This was a great point for usto draw from during the 999eye presentation.

There were various delegates in the room during the presentation ranging from Police, Fire and Ambulance representatives from Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and even Canada. The presentation sparked many conversations and we were overwhelmed by the number of people wishing to discuss it with us in more detail.

The last two days have seen many discussions about 999eye at the Summit with lots requesting further discussions about how they can support the project and look to implement across their various disciplines. we had discussions with representatives from Belgium who are interested for WMFS to talk about 999eye at a further event.

If you are interesting in 999eye and would like to discuss it in more detail please get in touch by emailing matthew.wroughton@wmfs.net  or twitter @999eye1 @WestMidsFire @Bluelighthinkin

If you have any comments about the CRR Summit presentation or the blog in general, please leave a comment on here. We look forward to reading all feedback.


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