Streaming ahead

Welcome to an update of the Emergency Smartphone live Stream project 999eye,being developed by West  Midlands Fire Service.

Thanks to all who have supported and shared information about our project so far.

As a result we have had opportunities to share information with other UK emergency services about the project and have a number of UK services signed up to join us in a UK pilot currently aiming at Jan 2015.

This week we have demonstrated the first release of the software, to demonstrate the concept and capabilites. This has enabled us to send a link to a smartphone during calls and then see the callers view of the location they are reporting.


As a refresh to new readers we do not aim to use this on all calls and would only use it with the consent of the caller and once we have already mobilised an emergency response to the call.

We have drafted a full privacy impact assessment to ensure we satisfy the requirements of the legislation we are committed to comply with as emergency services and also to ensure we protect the rights of members of the public that wish to stream footage to aid our response and information for responders on the way to assist.


We have received interest from services and interested parties from around the world and are really pleased with the opportunities to collaborate with a multi agency approach.

Please continue to share this blog and follow us on twitter @999eye1 @westmidsfire  @bluelighthinkin  for regular updates on this and other WMFS  projects.

If you are at the emergency services show at the NEC on 24th and 25th September come and find us on the WMFS Stand.

We will also be presenting the project on 24th during the seminar sessions, see the Emergency Services Show website for more details.
Emergency Services Show

If you would like to discuss this project with the project team email bluelighthinkin@wmfs for more.

Thanks again for your continued support.


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