999 eye emergency live stream moving forwards

The word is out!

Having initiated discussion around this project and beginning to generate interest from communities, emergency services and representatives from organisations and government departments around the world, it is time to update this blog with a few comments to address questions and concerns.

Media interest generated from a small social media effort has brought the concept to the attention of a wider audience which is great. It is difficult in a small article to convey the full picture and scope of this project. But it is important to try.

West Midlands Fire Service believe that we must look at trialling technology like 999 eye to fully assess and evaluate the potential uses, capability of infrastructure, limitations, challenges and issues.

Piloting 999 eye will be a light and well considered first step on an unchartered path.
A pilot of this system will be used to gather data in order to inform the next steps in the project.

During the pilot clearly we will not change the current process of handling a 999 call as we do everyday in the 90 seconds handling time. We will apply 999 eye emergency live stream once we have deployed a response and take a case by case look at each stream.

Clearly all emergency services hold community safety as a top priority, this means that if we have any concerns about the callers safety, capability or emotional state during the call we will not ask if they are prepared to stream live.

Everyday emergency calls are received and yet we have limited information on the callers location, position of safety, capability of assessing risk etc.
But we proceed with the call anyway.

So far we have received contact from some Fire and rescue services, Police forces and Ambulance trusts in the UK expressing interest in the project with a view to joining us on a pilot.

This system may be a first step to revolutionising the uk emergency response systems, processes and models and allow all services to offer an enhanced service when responding to emergencies.

So let’s keep going –

If you are from the UK Fire Service, Ambulance Service, Police Force, RNLI, Coastguard, Mountain rescue group and would be interested to see how you can join us please share this and get in touch with West Midlands Fire Service

If you are from a UK mobile network or Government department and believe you can assist, support – please share this and get in touch with West Midlands Fire Service

If you represent community groups and represent people who have opinions on this – please share and get in touch with West Midlands Fire Service

If you see emergencies being shared on social media prior to emergency response please share on twitter.

BBC supercharging the 999 call

The Daily Telegraph



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